Day 14: Potty training

Ugh. Potty training. It has to be the most horrific part of parenting. I can only hope that this serves to help parents survive the teenage years. It can’t be as bad as potty training, right? Right?!?!

Well, I’ve given up on night-time. He had maybe 3 accidents in the first 10 days overnight. But two nights ago, he came to our room 3 times, and still had two accidents. I was patient, thinking it was just one night of getting worse before it got better again. But, he had an accident again last night. So, I put a pull-up on him. The cardinal sin of the 3-day methodology, I know, but we are way past 3 days now … and I want some sleep.

The good news is that he has gone in public restrooms once each of the past three days: at the mall, at the town hall where I was voting and today before class at BSF.

At the mall, we made a couple stops at the bathroom before he finally went (unfortunately all over the floor but I will gladly clean up that mess over an accident in the public eye in the kids playing area!) So, the next day, when we went to vote, I waited as long as possible. He could audition for Flashdance with some of his moves, but he wouldn’t admit that he needed to go. Then, I was so proud of him today at BSF because I was nervous about him being in class in underwear. So, we got there early (yay me!) to stop in the bathroom first and he was able to go without all the dancing around. And, best of all, no mess! Woot! He also has several times in the last few days done everything himself, telling me he has to go, sitting on the potty and, uh, ensuring that he didn’t make a mess. BUT, has an equal number of times that he has an accident or does make a mess so we have a ways to go. So long as he continues to show forward progress, however, I consider it a success.

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