166 and counting

Phew. I had a sad realization yesterday. I am about 15 pounds from my heaviest weight ever … including pregnancy. It didn’t really hit me until a friend was talking about his successful weight loss over the past several months. He started out at his heaviest weight ever and is nearing in on his goal: the weight he was when he graduated high school. I think it struck me because I knew I was the heaviest I’ve been but that’s what happens, right? You just keep growing especially once you pass that 25 year mark, not to mention marriage and kids … Can anybody who is NOT on Biggest Loser actually do it on their own? I was doomed, so why try? But talk about a real vacation this summer to celebrate our 10th anniversary, plus my new-found perspective on my current weight, I hope, equals the motivation I need.

Thankfully, I have already picked up running again and it feels great. But this time it has to be different. In the past, I have run so that I could eat whatever I want. But, right now I am not really interested in maintaining the weight. I really do want to get rid of some of it. But even more so, I know I just need to be healthier. I eat too much junk that’s not good for my body and I can feel it … especially as I get–gasp–older. So, here’s me attempting to follow in my friend’s footsteps. So far, so good. I’ve updated my account on CalorieCount.com and I’ve entered my breakfast. I’ve walked by the Easter candy several times and not eaten anything so far today, so SUCCESS! Now just to make it through the rest of the day … Baby steps.


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