Goals, what goals?

Okay, somebody, and I’m not naming any names … tells me I have to have a goal for my weight loss challenge. You mean getting out of my fat pants doesn’t count?

I don’t like goals. Primarily because I do not like to fail. However, I do have a running start so I have a better idea what might actually be possible at the rate I’m going. The problem is, I really don’t know how to set this kind of a goal. The only measure I can really go by is weight. And, while I would love to see some of those numbers I passed long ago, I really honestly truly don’t care what my weight is. It’s more about how I look and well, what size I am. I would love to be a size 8 again. It’s really only one size but it’s a big step. And I have no idea what I need to lose to hit that. So, maybe the first milestone is 145. That’s 20 pounds. But to be fair, the first 10 should be easy, coming off a winter of eating and pretty much sitting around and doing very little. It’s that other 10 that could be darn near well impossible. So, for now, that will have to do. I suppose I need a timeline. June 20. Two months. Is that doable? I have no idea. Okay, I need help.


2 thoughts on “Goals, what goals?

  1. If you need a partner is this weight loss goal, I would like to join you. I love your honesty Sara. We are doing a book in our bible study group and it says we don’t need “will power” we need ”
    God’s power”. I don’t know, but that made a little more sense to me this time. My will power is well “nothing” but God’s power is well you know. He power is what we need. Let me know if you want a partner. I can’t run but I can walk fast.


  2. Bravo, Sara! I’m excited for you. Your 20lbs by 6/20 goal gives you 9ish weeks, so it’s about 2.2lbs/wk. Aggressive, but doable.

    What’s the best way to keep you accountable / encourage you in this? My gym is doing another weight loss challenge starting May 5th. I could put in a good word for you. ;-)

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