Like mother, like son

Just in case there was ANY doubt whatsoever, I had to post these pictures of me sometime in 1979 and my son from Friday night. A friend took the picture below and as soon as I saw it I remembered the one from my scrapbook. I realize it’s a bit unfair, I’ve always thought the pics of me (there’s a whole series of them) makes me look boy-ish. I keep meaning to ask my mom why my hair was so short. Anyway … enjoy.

Mom, Circa 1979:
Son, April 2009:


9 thoughts on “Like mother, like son

  1. wow, that is amazing… i remember your hair that short, and I think it was because of the ‘cotton candy effect’ you had in the back of your head. It would get so knotted and messed up I think cutting it short was the only way to tame it – kind of like Mom used to do to Polly Anna (the shelty) :)
    Although I had short hair in 1st grade because Mom burned it with a bad perm – I was so mad when she had the fried hair cut off I can remember sulkin in the car on the way home.

  2. All I can say is, “Holy moly.” The only reason I can 100% believe you (besides the fact that you’re an honest person) is the weird 70s coloration on the photo of you. Otherwise, I would have been willing to bet $$ that both were Charlie.

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