Potty training: One month later

After 30-something days, I can actually say that Charlie is potty trained. He has been for quite a while now and even has gone the past four nights without an accident in his bed. Whoo-hoo!

Now, the exception is the ol’ number two. We’re still working on that one …

Regardless, I can look back now and say, “Oh, it wasn’t that bad.” And continue to dread the teenage years instead. Ahhhhhhh …

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5 thoughts on “Potty training: One month later

  1. I wish that I could get my 3 yr old potty trained. He wants nothing to do with the potty and won’t even tell me when he needs to go. I ask him all the time and all he says to me is NO. When will this madness end? LOL

    Tabitha Paddock
    Joshua’s Gift Corner

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