I like your face

We were at a party over the weekend celebrating the 6th birthday of one of our friend’s sons. Our friend’s mom, the boy’s grandma, was there and took a liking to Charlie. He is at that age and really social so he’ll cuddle up and smile at everyone. Anyway, there was a cute moment where he was next to the grandma and she gently said, while cupping his chin: “I like your face.” He sweetly replied, “I like your face, too.” It was so cute.

Granted, this is the same kid who at Target the day before overheard an older boy looking at Monster trucks and whine: “I want Bigfoot!” (Sadly, it was not the only toy he demanded from poor dad, and he did get it.) and promptly repeated, “I want BigFoot, too!” without even really having a clue what he was talking about (well, except that there were cars all around so I’m sure he knew it’d be good stuff).

Suffice to say, he’s learning from anyone and everyone around how to communicate. Let’s hope he picks up more good habits than bad!


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