She speaks!

I was so blessed today with some kind words spoken about my daughter by her teacher. Today was the last day of PDO, the one-day preschool I had Avery enrolled in for the year. There was a program this morning, featuring each of the three classes where they sang a few songs and parents were got an overview of what the kids learned this year. The best, I think, was the 3-4 year old class reciting the pledge of allegiance. They were so cute! At the end of each class’ songs, the teachers said a few words about each student. I wasn’t impressed with most of what they had to say (but, of course, they aren’t my kids!) although a few shared interesting anecdotes or conversations with the student. But Avery’s teacher, Ms Thea, got choked up when it came to her turn. I was touched to hear her say: “Avery is a good listener and a helper … Now, Avery is a little on the shy side (and I hope I don’t get choked up but I already am) but when it comes to talking with God, she speaks! Avery is not shy to talk to God her Father. When it’s snack time or lunch time, she will pray. She may not say a word the rest of the day, but she will pray. She has such a heart for God. And that is so encouraging to us.” It was God’s timing because I was already fuming and rolling my eyes at Avery’s “performance” during the song and q&a. She didn’t say one word or even do a single hand motion (except at one point when the kids held hands and swayed them back and forth, the boys next to her were holding her hand and she couldn’t get out of it, lol). I was hoping she had grown since her AWANA stage fright from last year. (The good news is I took some more entertaining photos of her for future embarrassment.) But Ms Thea gave me a gentle reminder that while performing on stage might not be her thing, Avery has a tender heart. Knowing the answers in her heart will trump shouting them out on stage any day.


3 thoughts on “She speaks!

  1. That is so cool to read. I think a big thing as parents that we have to get over is our expectations on what our kids will be like! And that can make us miss the great features God has given them. We can see those things in other kids, but don’t appreciate them in our own because of the things we are looking for that they don’t have.
    Avery is a wonderful girl!!

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