Birthday party: Medieval

Avery had her 5th birthday this week so we threw her a big party on Saturday. She wanted to do a princess party. Unfortunately, none of her girlfriends could be there! So, we threw in some knights, my husband and I dressed up as king and queen, and Avery played THE princess (wearing a Cinderella dress in perfect condition from a garage sale and a cone hat we made together). It was really a lot of fun and one of the best parties we’ve thrown, in my humble opinion (it helps we catered the food). Avery helped me quite a bit and was involved in making decisions about the party, too, which added to the fun.

Silver, Cinderella blue, royal blue and purple, with pink thrown in for fun

Medieval banners featuring two family crests and her birthday wishes (hand-drawn, computer was out of commission during the planning of this party)
A few flag banners I made from construction paper
Silver plates and cups with craft jewels hot glued on them
Pink napkins (Avery insisted on something pink)
The rest of the decorations were the giveaways and costumes for the guests: shields made from cereal boxes and tin foil (so cute, here’s shield how-to), foam swords from Wal-Mart, and tunics made from a silver tablecloth (instead of a felt coat of arms, I cut a shield shape from silver tissue paper and wrote the kids’ names on it, and, by the way, they held together fine).
I also made a cardboard castle facade (of all the boxes from our kitchen remodel we only had one leftover and it was too tiny for even one kid to play inside. They seemed pretty happy with what we had though.)

Ale (dark red/grape Kool-aid mixed as well as dark colored sodas)
Princess fruit snacks
Snaps square pretzels
Peanuts in the shell (though I had to put these away when I realized not one but two kids were allergic, oops!)
Pineapple/strawberry/grape kabobs
Fried chicken (catered from Wal-Mart, which I highly recommend, just be sure you have all the food, we never did get our rolls)
Potato salad/macaroni salad
Princess/carriage/castle shaped melted candy molds on a stick
Silver dollar peppermint patties and Rolos for the “gold chest”

The cake … sigh. We had a talented neighbor volunteer to make a princess cake, one where the dress is the cake. I even made a miniature version of Avery’s princess cone hat for the doll. But, with the threat of rain, I thought we’d have to post-pone the party so I told her not to make it. Well, the party went on, so we ran to Costco just a few hours before the party to let Avery select one of the pre-made ones. So, it wasn’t the theme and didn’t match, but it was YUMMY! :) (Of course, the one year it’s not blooming HOT so the frosting is melting …)

Since we invited our friends’ families, we mostly made it a social. We had the trampoline we acquired last year as well as a new swingset to entertain the kids (not to mention the swords to chase adults with).
I also bought two bubble wands that were designed like swords, which were a big hit with kids and parents.


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