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As a writer, I am often looking for experts who can discuss new technologies in professional hair color or trends in bath and body fragrancing. My job has been made a lot easier lately by new social networking sites, including LinkedIn and now: HARO. I only recently heard about this site, and just used it for the first time today so we’ll see how it goes. But what a great idea! The way it works: people (with something to say) sign up to get thrice-daily e-mails of really specific requests for sources, such as “Business owners that use video conferencing via their laptops” or “Interior designers who’ve done Emotional Intelligence training.” I submitted a request for salon colorists who use enzymes for an article I am writing on new technologies in professional hair color. If a topic or request submitted by a reporter fits your experience or expertise, you reply. It’s worth a look if you are trying to get your name out there (or you are a writer like me and need experts). Of course, it’s a lot of sifting through e-mails … the one downside no matter which side of the story you are on.


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