Countdown to camping

We told the kids on Sunday night that this weekend we were going camping, a big event with lots of our (and their) friends. 22 total. It’s going to be a lot of fun (minus the potential high humidity and possible rain, eep). But ever since we have been dealing with the consequences: Is it camping day? Will it be camping day after nap? after lunch? … several. times. a day. Thankfully, after a few days, Avery was able to grasp the concept of a daily countdown. Even Charlie was picking up on it, saying “1 day til camping?” first thing this morning. Before she figured it out, Avery told me “I want you to tell me the day that it’s camping day next time. So I won’t keep asking if it’s camping day.” It was a great teaching moment for me because I realized that telling her was a good thing (I was beginning to wonder). She’s learning patience. I told her that it is fun to have surprises and to never have to wait isn’t it? But it’s also great to have fun events to look forward to!

And now, it’s finally packing day, so the kids are picking out the clothes and toys they can’t live without for 36 hours. Tomorrow will be a long day though, each hour seeming longer than each of the past several days (for me and the kids I’m sure), as we have to wait until dad gets home from work before we can leave. Then it’s time to rough it (with a carload of essentials crammed in the trunk)!

“The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.” Ecclesiastes 7:8


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