Quality of life

I recently received a response from Senator Burris in regards to my letter (sent a while ago I might add) stating my displeasure with his record on abortion and his favor of the health care plan, which would be allowed to cover elective abortion without funding restrictions. He mentioned his support of a woman’s right to choose (that, obviously, is his choice), but did mention the need to reduce the need for abortions (yeah!). Unfortunately, his plans for that are to “expand access to preventive family planning services [my emphasis], helping to decrease the number of unintended pregnancies.” That means “pregnancy centers” which means access to abortion clinics, which will promote abortions. Duh. He also mentioned a bill he cosigned to “support further measures to increase rates of adoption as an alternative to abortion and reduce unintended pregnancies.” Honestly, I don’t know much about this but it does sound like something I could get behind. It is WAY too easy to get an abortion and WAY too difficult to adopt. But what really irked me about his letter was this statement toward the end: “I believe in the right to good quality of life for every American [emphasis not mine!].”

Who gets to decide what is a quality life? The government? No thanks! Sigh.


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