God is in control 2

I am still struggling some with the accident at times, replaying events over and over in my mind. The images are just burned into my brain. Although thankfully, I was so busy yesterday that it was better. It also helps that the kids and I saw our friends on Wednesday night and they are looking and acting more like themselves. I can see twinkle coming back into their eyes.

The kids seem to be handling things well. Although they were in the car with us right behind where the accident happened, I don’t know how much they saw or if they are really processing what happened. Charlie had a clear view out his window though. Every once in a while he will say “Chris car rolling in grass?” Sometimes as a statement and other times as a question. He seems concerned that they will have to buy a new car and then will say “it happens.” He also remembers that mom prayed for Chris and Kerry. That means a lot to me. When we had lunch yesterday and I hadn’t mentioned their names in prayer beforehand, Charlie reminded me.

While we were in the car after the accident, though, the kids didn’t say one word. They didn’t whine or complain about anything or even ask what was happening. It was an encouragement to me because I don’t know what I would have done if they were scared, too. It’s now that I can be thankful that my kids have seen me crying irrationally a few times in their lives. We weren’t exactly calm and cool.

Not wanting to ignore the incident, I have talked with them about it a few times. It has been a great opportunity to talk with them about God’s sovereignty and control over everything. While I was combing Avery’s hair after her much-needed post-camping bath (despite the fact that she said “but I went swimming in the lake, so I am clean!”) I was able to compare the experience to Daniel and the lion’s den, which she learned at Sunday school the previous weekend. When we had talked about that story, she said Daniel didn’t get hurt “because an angel came and held the lions’ mouths shut.” So, I stopped combing her hair for a moment and wrapped my arms around her while I described what it must have been like for them to know that God was there protecting them. We talked again about how God can be with everyone, and in heaven, at the same time, which seemed to really make an impression on her. You never know how an event like this will affect young minds so I am relieved to know that friends are praying for them and that we have been able to talk opening with them about it.

“He rescues and he saves; he performs signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth. He has rescued Daniel from the power of the lions.” Daniel 6:27


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