First day of K, part II

137_137Charlie and I waited … and waited … and waited at the bus stop on the return trip after the school day ended. I ended up knocking on a neighbor’s door, whose son started 2nd grade today. She reassured me that the bus was always late the first few days which calmed my nerves (was I at the right stop? did I miss the bus? was my daughter wandering around at the school teacherless and parentless?!?!) When she finally stepped off the bus (took her a while to realize it was her stop, she and her friend were sitting in the back of the bus–already?!?! I’m in trouble!), Avery was not as giddy and chatty as I had thought she’d be. In fact, she looked almost traumatized, with a completely blank face and slow, weighted steps. She was also a bit crabby, which was understandable (although not excusable) considering we woke up quite a bit earlier than normal. I took the kids to McDonalds (Avery asked to be surprised when I asked what she wanted for lunch on her first day of school, although Charlie “ruined” the surprise by telling her as we were walking home). She needed time to wind down and process all that had happened so we didn’t talk much about school. I let them eat their french fries and play on the playground (while I read through the inserts and letters and homework and other papers that were in her take-home folder).

139_139After the kids played a bit at home together (with Charlie’s new toys of course), Charlie had a nap, and Avery and I tackled her first day of homework. She finally was opening up about her school day and we had a lot of fun on the project (creating a “picture” of her study area, aka the kitchen table). She didn’t want to stop. Finally, she was finished and all she had to do was write her name at the top. That was just too much after such a long morning. She made a mistake on the “Y” and just melted. So, I took her upstairs for quiet time. It broke my heart that she just balled. After about 20 minutes, she finally calmed down, I held her and we talked for a few minutes. She had her quiet time and when both kids came down, everything seemed to have righted itself.

So, we shook things up again and went to a birthday party for our friend/neighbor down the block! The kids had a blast and the day ended on a high note with a walk around the neighborhood (although I had to carry her home “I’m tired mom, let’s go home”) and a visit with more friends/neighbors after dinner with dad! Thankfully, she’s ready, it seems to do it all over again tomorrow …

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