First day of K

110_110Avery had her first day of Kindergarten today! She was so excited, big smiles the entire morning (even got up before I went to wake her at 6:45am). I held things together just fine until she waved at me through the window in the bus (at 7:30! Ugh. Whose big idea was it to have school start so early?!?!). My big girl! She has been waiting expectantly for this day for a long time, she even said so this morning. I know she’s going to love it.

Last week we went to meet her teacher and drop off supplies (she took great pleasure in putting everything away in it’s rightful place that day, lol) so we were talking about school with dad at supper that night. She said she was ready to go … “every Friday.” Matt was explaining to her that she would go to school every day, not just on Fridays, and we thought she was going to explode with excitement! “That’s so cool,” she said. I hope her enthusiasm for school sticks with her. :)

125_125Charlie is having a harder time. He misses her so much! And it’s so quiet in the house. Although thankfully we had his birthday presents (his party was yesterday) to distract him, we only made it to 8:10 before he sadly (or whinily) said “I want to ride the bus like Avery, mama.” Then after a pause, “I miss Avery.” A half our later, he said, “Mom, I want Avery to come. She is my friend. My sister is my friend.” Awwww …. So we hugged while I cried again and we had some milk and cookies together.

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