Where will we go?

We had to explain to the kids last weekend that although grandma and grandpa wanted to come spend the whole weekend with us, their trip was going to be cut short. Grandpa’s aunt died and they were going to see family and remember their loved one. So, they could only stay one night instead of three. They were disappointed, but it led to an interesting conversation.

Avery: Well, what happens if you and dad die? Where will we go?
Mom: That’s a great question, Avery. We’ve arranged for you to go to your Aunt Lora’s or your Aunt Tracy’s if anything were to happen to mom and dad.
Avery: But how will we get there? We can’t DRIVE!
Mom: Don’t worry about that honey, they’ll come to get you.
Avery: Will we be all by ourselves?
Mom: Of course not, grandma and grandpa would come stay with you for a while or you would stay with friends. Everything would work out just fine. God will take care of you and your needs.

Not a fun conversation but I am glad we were able to have it without any fear or emotion. I gave her a hug afterward and we talked some more about grandma and grandpa coming.


One thought on “Where will we go?

  1. Aaw… and isn’t it sweet how they worry about the logistics, not so much the part we think of first (missing Mom & Dad!). That reminds me of the tip for parents to listen carefully to the question kids ask when serious topics come up. Sometimes we tend to think we know what they want to hear (and go deeper than they may be ready for), when really, they were just worried about some aspect of it.

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