All grown up

I have wanted to cut Avery’s hair for a while so in the flurry of activity that was the weekend of Charlie’s birthday party and before school started for Avery, I hacked it off. Above the chin. It looked okay but I knew it needed to be shaped in the back to flatter her face more. Instead of giving it a try myself (I was tempted), I called on a friend who used to cut hair. She’s decided to try to do more haircutting out of her home, so we swapped services. I made her a business card and she trimmed Avery’s hair, fixing where I was not-so-perfect (gimme a break, I can’t do EVERYthing perfect, ya know). It looks soooooo cute, in a grown-up little girl kind of way. I’ll have to post pictures soon.

I’ve also noticed already, after just a few days of Kindergarten that Avery’s coming out of her shell more. At the park, she is playing with kids we’ve never met before and making friends with them (although she still doesn’t talk to them much, I don’t think she ever asks their name)!



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