Birthday party: Transformers

058_58With a porch remodel, Avery starting Kindergarten and an article due, I let myself off easy for Charlie’s 3rd birthday party. We still had some fun with it though.

Royal blue and silver

Royal blue tablecloth
Purchased (gasp!) TF banner
Blue balloons, tied with silver ribbon
TF napkins
TF plastic cups (also a take-away for the kids) from the Dollar Tree
I dug out a variety of boxes from the basement and covered them with tin foil and randomly placed colored paper scraps for robot parts, some of them I drew on with marker for faces or the TF icons.
The best part was the “costumes.” I had searched everywhere for a Bumblebee costume for Charlie and finally resigned myself to making one. I used a small box, covered it with gold foil (although yellow construction paper would have worked just as well if not better) and cut out eyes. I made “masks” for the whole family. I decided we needed a little more (my husband refused to let me wear a box!) so I made wings for Charlie and some shoulders for me. I went through a lot of hot glue! I challenged guests to dress up and some of them did so that was fun. One couple wore paper plates on their knees and shoulders and old car license plates on a string around their necks to transform from cars to rappers. Very creative!

Following the keeping it simple theme, we went with hot dogs and brats. Plus some macaroni and cheese and lots of chips, pretzels and some blue Jell-O (Energy Cube, anyone?). Blue raspberry lemonade Kool-Aid, and TF fruit snacks of course as well.

I frosted a 9×13 sheet cake (which I couldn’t get out of the pan!) and drew with a pre-made frosting tube the outline of the TF Autobot icon. Then I placed two mini TF figures on the bottom with the candles. Took me less than 30 minutes to decorate! I also made some cupcakes and let the kids go to town on those with sprinkles.


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