And so it begins …

I can see my daughter’s future teenage years flashing before my eyes! She has a buddy at school. I. am. ecstatic.

There is a girl in our neighborhood who is not only in Avery’s class but she rides the bus. She and Avery hit it off right away. At first they only rode home together. But by day three, her friend spotted her in the second seat behind the driver and they sat together on the way TO school. She told me all about it when she got home that day.

Her friend’s mom invited Avery over for a play date after school on Wednesday and we’ve got one scheduled for here next Thursday to reciprocate. There’s no way we’re NOT going to be doing that the entire year, I’m quite sure. I am so thankful that she has a friend in her class, especially a girl. So many of the kids Avery’s age are boys (at least the ones we see regularly).

I can see the beginnings of a true girlfriend bond. Today, as Avery got off the bus we walked back to the house and finalized our plans to have lunch at the park. Along the way, we saw her friend walking toward her house (the way drop-off and house locations go, we walk from opposite ends of the street then walk toward each other). They both got so excited and ran toward each other (didn’t they JUST get off the same bus?!?!). It was cute. I imagine them in a few more years calling each other as soon as they get home from wherever they just were … together. lol


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