The real deal

God worked out the details so that Charlie and I could attend BSF again this year. With Avery’s bus schedule moving later and BSF ending 10 minutes earlier, I have *just* enough time to make it home in time to pick her up. And after the introduction, I know why …

The study is of John this year. Not only is it a well-known, well-loved book in the Gospels of the New Testament, but John is a love letter. A love letter from the Lord to you (and me). And what makes that especially important to me right now is that I have realizing that I struggle with this “little” detail, making it personal. I know God loves US. I know that God loves YOU. But does He really love ME? When I sing Jesus Loves Me, I always say “you.” Usually I am singing to my kids, but I noticed that I mean it. When I try to sing it to myself, it just doesn’t sit right. Still? Really? After all this time of me saying I am a Christ-follower but I continue to try and fail to do things on my own (and sometimes I have completely given up trying altogether)? My priorities are completely out of whack and I know it.

My prayer this year is that God would reveal Himself to me in a way that brings excitement and vibrancy to my relationship with Him again. Who is Jesus to me? What does He want me to hear? Is he really Lord of my life? What priorities, habits or attitudes do I need to change to stop wasting my life and living for Him? What choices do I have to make my life intimate with Jesus? To really know Him.

I don’t want to be a fake Fendi (Sorry, SATC reference)! I want to be the real deal. We live in a culture that makes it difficult. God’s deity is challenged more and more everyday and Christians have become accustomed to being silent, and lukewarm. But really,truthfully I believe that if we completely and totally understand God’s love for us, each and every person as an individual, we wouldn’t be able to NOT desire that intimacy in our lives and as a result stand up for our faith and spread the Good News. The only way to do that is to translate from the Bible to your heart. To my heart. The adventure begins.

“But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name.” John 20:31


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