Back at it

I have been eating as if each day was a birthday party and not exercising, so … you do the math. It is amagaZING how quickly we can fall out of good habits and into bad ones. 3 weeks. That is all it took. Actually, all it took all of a few days. Once the decision was made to break the cycle, I found it easy to just keep right on going. Not that I am making excuses, but I am not without reason. After a super-crazy-busy week before Charlie’s birthday, school started. Adjusting to the new schedule has taken some time and we are all still pretty exhausted. Getting up BEFORE the family rises at 6:45am is out of the question. But, I was able to trade back with a previous small group member who had lent me her double stroller so that I could take Charlie on the trail with my old single while Avery is at school. So, the past 3 of 4 days I was once again hitting the pavement–albeit slowly (I might as well have rested for three years, not 3 weeks!) but I’m out there. I’m hoping to relax the tension on my waistband before the snow hits the ground or I am going to be replacing my wardrobe before Christmas!


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