Less of me to love

There’s now less of me to love. Not exactly in the way that I had in mind, however. I had my appendix removed last Wednesday. A sudden, unexpected, emergency appendectomy to close out the week. Good news is everything went smoothly and God provided much throughout the experience.

I was at a baby shower luncheon for my friend Bev who had her baby girl a few weeks ago (ironically enough, her water broke at Charlie’s birthday party). There was some, uh, interesting discussion going on, including anecdotes about using a new friend’s bathroom when the toilet overflows and other BM-related incidents. Between that and some new jeans, I thought the abdominal pain was all in my head. So, I went home and started to feel better after relaxing a bit. Unfortunately, the pain ratcheted up after dinner. I was able to sleep, but I knew when I woke up and was still have cramping and a sharp pain in the side that something must be wrong. So, after a nudge from my friend/nurse/neighbor Debbie, I made an appointment with my doctor. Unfortunately, he confirmed what I feared and sent me to the ER.

Because it was Wednesday and BSF Fellowship day, I had babysitting lined up for the afternoon. So, I took the kids home for a quick lunch, then dropped them off to play with their friend Luke while I headed to the ER. At least I knew they weren’t worried about me. They were so excited to see their friend, they ran in the house before I had a chance to even say goodbye. “Ok, I’ll see you … later.” lol

Being poked and prodded to confirm the diagnosis by myself was not fun and moved very s l o w l y (and I didn’t even think to bring a book, that is so not like me!). Matt was at work and planning to pick up the kids when he could leave. The low point was during the CAT scan when I almost threw up from the ink inserted through the IV (the second one of the day btw) AND I had to hold my breath. I suddenly became overwhelmed with a sense of loneliness and self-pity. Thankfully, it passed once I was able to breathe and get out of that cold, stinky little room.

After that, things moved quickly. Diagnosis was confirmed and I was whisked to OR prep. Thankfully, I don’t remember anything after that.

Recovery has been pretty routine. Mostly headaches, fatigue and other aches slowing me down. With two kids and now two laparoscopic procedures under my belt, I’m feeling like a pro. However, I am very thankful to supportive friends and neighbors who not only have been making us meals, but visiting, helping around the house (I got worn out watching my friend Beca clean for me on Friday!) and playing with the kids. I don’t know how I would do it without you. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Less of me to love

  1. Sorry to hear about your emergency procedure, but I am so thankful the Lord blessed you with help and a good recovery.

    Now, you can help decide this funny issue. We know after the rapture we will exchange our earthly bodies for spiritual bodies. Do you think all the body parts we had removed (your appendix, my thyroid) will be caught up in the air with us, or will we have to exchange without them? :)

  2. LOL, Mindy! I don’t think our heavenly bodies will have “insides” at all actually. But that’s just me. If it does, it will be completely and totally new so I won’t have to worry about whether it was damaged or removed here on earth!

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