A little perfect mini-me

Sigh. My poor daughter. She is so much like her dad but she has my … we’ll call it “passion for perfection.” She has been loving school and even is excited about the homework each day. Most of it involves coloring, cutting and pasting–right up her alley. But there’s been a few incidents where the work gets intense and it’s just too overwhelming for her. Early on, before I had a handle on how to encourage her “inventive spelling” (I mean, I am a writer afterall). With every letter, she’d ask “Is that right?” I would respond more along the lines of “If you think so!” Wrong! She would literally say “But I don’t want to write it if it’s not right.” Oops. I should have known better. And now I do, so we’ve worked that out.

She’s also really struggling with writing the number 2. When we were practicing numbers the other day, we got to 2s and she said, “I can’t.” So, I pulled out a worksheet she’d done in class a few days to show her she could. “Look at all these 2s!” I say. And her reply? “I don’t like those, they are ugly.” Oh my. Amidst a lot of squealing and whining (not so much by me, thankyouverymuch), we had a discussion about her attitude and then practiced 2s for quite a while. She finally was okay with a perfect backwards 2. lol

I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I hope my understanding of her behavior can help me to encourage her and not make it worse. Only time will tell!


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