Happy 2 years!

My how time flies! Today marks the two-year anniversary of my very first blog post! So, while I am feeling uninspired as of late, it seemed appropriate to list some of my favorites over the past two years. Considering I have 393 posts, I think I was able to narrow it down to “just a few” … But don’t be shy! Let me know if I missed one of your faves!

My first post: 10/10/2007
Where are you?

Anger Management
Perfect mini-me
I am not perfect
Example of handling anger Biblically
Don’t waste your life
Control Freak

Simple truths
Point to the truth
First Day of K
She speaks!
Interview with a child
Playing Catch Up
Who are you?
Garbage in, garbage out
Tantrums about mittens and flip flops
Craniosynostosis: My son’s story
Mommy uniform

Wordless Wednesday
Family portrait
Like mother, like son
Little helpers
Uh, I got dirty
Little patriot
I don’ wanna Awana
Little red dress


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