Hey, lady

My sister and her kids are visiting for a short weekend. We don’t see them often, so Charlie was having a hard time warming up, especially having just woken up from nap when they arrived. But by the time we went out for pizza, he was having a good time with his cousin who played cars with him at least. He was entertained by his aunt, too, but didn’t know her name. He kept saying “her” and pointing. I meant to correct him but was lazy I guess. Then we were making each other laugh at the restaurant and my sister said something he found funny. A few minutes later, he looked at my sister and said: “Say that again, Lady!” We all laughed, including Charlie. My sister was happy to oblige, unfortunately, nobody knew what he wanted repeated. I’m reminded once again why we call him chuckles!


One thought on “Hey, lady

  1. Since we moved to the PNW, we don’t see the cousins that often anymore. This summer at a wedding, my youngest nephew was annoyed that I kept trying to talk to him and hold him. He YELLED at his Mom, “Who is THAT WOMAN!” then ran and hid behind her skirt.

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