More than a pumpkin patch

9329_154160283079_552708079_2584480_5785421_n9329_154160303079_552708079_2584483_8074121_nWe had a busy weekend while my sister and her kids were visiting. Friday, we went downtown Chicago to visit Moody Bible Institute then to the SkyDeck of the Sears–ahem, I mean, Willis–Tower. The new glass ledges were pretty cool. Charlie showed no fear and Avery was very brave although she did want to hold my hand at first and said it was scary.

9329_154160423079_552708079_2584500_1355006_2But the highlight for me (other than simply hanging out with my sister, of course!) was Goebberts Pumpkin Farm in Hampshire, IL. We’ve made a habit of visiting there when they visit in the fall, but Goebberts really stepped it up a notch! They added a large tent with animals, including Bengal tigers, monkeys (including a cute little baby one!), and everything in between. But the best was the giraffes. They had a separate cage with a ramp and deck at the top so you could be face to face with the magnificent creatures. Who knew their heads were so big!?!?! Of course, it wouldn’t be a business venture without the opportunity to feed them and plenty of people took advantage of the opportunity. I was completely and thoroughly entertained by the attempts of people–young and old–to feed carrots one by one to the giraffes who would say the heck with that, bring their heads over the top of the fence, stretch down and finally literally lick the carrots right out of the plastic cups with their foot-long tongues. It was a sight to see. Not to be outdone the farm also had pumpkins, wagon rides, a corn maze or two and much much more. I definitely won’t let another year slip by without a trip to Goebberts.

Sadly, I forgot my camera downtown and although I brought my camera to the pumpkin farm, I didn’t bring the memory card! ARG. Thankfully, my sister was there to save the day so I’ve included a few of her photos and video taken with her cameraphone.

Video (on facebook) from my sister’s phone of the giraffes.


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