Be Jesus this Halloween

I was reflecting last night more about Avery’s statement about someone dressing up as Jesus for Halloween … and it really got me thinking. God indeed wants us to be Jesus to those around us on Halloween, and every day. So, what does that look like to you? I asked Avery for some ideas today. She said (with my rewording things a bit): To help people when they are sick, to be nice to people, pray for people, and be friends with those who don’t have many friends. Definitely something to think about. Jesus didn’t worry about cultural norms, what others would think or even the Jewish law. He met people where they were, opened up dialog with them, spoke truth (in love and without condemnation!) and asked them to get to know him. How exciting to know that with God’s power and the Holy Spirit guiding us, if we only listen, are able to do that as well. Blessed day!


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