Ribbon, Butterfly and Dave

Avery, who has never named any of her “babies” (that is, her stuffed animals), suddenly decided it was of utmost importance to give each and every one of them first, middle and last names. She spent her bedtime on Wednesday night coming up with most of the names (and calling me up to share each one as it was perfected). Some of my favorites are a pink hippo now named Ribbon Lola Pink, a white rabbit named Butterfly Fluffy Pink and a lion named White Orange Pawprint. There also is a brown puppy named Waffle, another brown dog named Brownie, and a third dog named Spotty. Quite a change from kitty, lion, puppy, lamby, bunny, etc. :) Caught up in the excitement, Charlie also told me, several times in fact, that his “black puppy” as he was previously named is now: Dave. The times they are a-changing.


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