High-tech salon color

Ruthie Krauss recently switched to Aveda products at her Petoskey, Michigan, salon, Trillium. “As a cancer survivor, I am very passionate about product research and treatment as well as organic and natural therapy.” Her feelings reflect those of salons and salon users across the globe, who are making decisions based on the impact products have on the environment and on themselves. Not an easy task when it comes to color.

Ammonia and its popular alternative MEA allow the penetration of the oxidation dye intermediates and remove the natural pigmentation or melanin, which is damaging to hair. PPD, whose alternative PTD is relatively unknown, is needed to impart color on the hair but may cause allergic reactions and is feared by some to be a carcinogen.

Brands are aware of the negative reputation of chemical hair dyes yet finding natural alternatives that don’t sacrifice performance has presented a challenge. As technology improves and the demand increases, however, manufacturers are taking steps in the right direction. Read more in the November 2009 issue of Hair’s How magazine. “Hi-Tech Color: Down to Earth Facts.”


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