Healthy beauty

Rather than simply masking imperfections, today’s foundation is being marketed as a necessary tool in the defense of skin health. Reflecting this idea is the rapid development in recent years of foundations that contain sunscreen, antioxidants and now high-tech antiaging benefits.

Yet, there is a backlash—a counterculture where people want a more back-to-basics approach—to be natural, to be real. Products catering to consumers’ chemical aversion have definitely found their place. From supermarkets to Sephora, which just launched its own Sephora Pure collection, shelves are overflowing with products featuring ingredients from nature, not the lab. Many brands claim skin-nourishing properties that are, not only equal to, but superior to synthetic counterparts. Organic ingredients and formulations are becoming exciting and more widely available so that makeup, in general, is moving in a more holistic direction. High-quality minerals, for example, can now be added to a multitude of products without the heavy texture and pastiness.

DermaQuest’s new DermaMinerals, for example, combines coverage with natural, therapeutic care. Marketed as an extension of its skin care line, DermaMinerals features dermaxyl peptide to minimize the appearance of fine lines, and its Archipelago Sea Minerals, a unique combination of 92 trace elements, to help hydrate and improve skin barrier function. The reflective and light-scattering properties of mica-wrapped cotton fibers and boron nitride, an oil-absorbing mineral, also help restore the skin’s luminosity.

If the very core of the product is botanical, the minerals physically protect the skin and help minimize the use of chemicals and preservatives. This means that it becomes less about bells and whistles and more about the simple fact that the product does what it’s supposed to without ingredients that certain consumer segments look to avoid.

Read more in the December issue of GCI magazine.


2 thoughts on “Healthy beauty

  1. What do you use? I didn’t used to use foundation until I started suffering from various skin issues…I need to mask imperfections…neither Clinique or Mary Kay really stay on all day, but I don’t want to keep caking it on.

  2. Mindy, I would definitely recommend a mineral makeup. The technology has changed a lot so you don’t have to worry about dry, powdery texture (which was a problem when it was introduced). The best moisturizing mineral makeup that I’ve used is from Sue Devitt (I also like their liquid foundation a lot). Not cheap though. I have heard good things about Bare Escentuals from Target (though I haven’t tried it). There are more and more every day. Look for hydrating ingredients and definitely stay away from talc. Does that help?

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