How absolutely … muttery!

I love words. So, when I get the chance to learn a new one I get a little excited (unnecessarily so, but that’s who I am) and this is just too entertaining not to share. A former colleague shared with me on facebook a word that was used to describe a fragrance in an ad: muttery. She said nobody know what it meant, and they even checked online (imagine that). They called the advertiser for the fragrance who said, “When a perfumer is not quite sure how to describe a scent, he/she will say mumble incomprehensibly and then taunt the listener for not understanding. Such an odor is, by convention, described as ‘muttery’.” Well, how ’bout that.

[Edited 2/10: My colleague updated the saga with an email from her marketing contact at the advertiser in question. It turned out that it was an elaborate hoax engineered by his colleagues and his boss, a revered scientist! The word was supposed to be “buttery” but somehow someone created an ad with “muttery” and sent to the publisher last August. The ad ran a bunch of times since then, so we’re puzzled as to the purpose of this whole thing. But it’s all pretty funny!]


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