Major breakthrough for breakouts

Since I had my son about 3 years ago, I have experienced increased acne breakouts. I know it’s stress and hormone related and I have tried just about everything. I finally decided that I was overcompensating. So, I settled on the nice, gentle Cetaphil wash and lotion, which I have used for months. Unfortunately, the breakouts keep coming. I have been patient, knowing it’s just a phase. But after talking with my older sister who has been through a similar experience, I grew concerned that it could be a ten-year phase. I don’t think so.

I mean we are talking about monolithic blemishes that are extremely painful, would last weeks and quickly spread. It was horrifying. I hadn’t quite gotten to the point where I’d hide in my house, but I was caking on the makeup to try to cover it up (which also doesn’t help). I’d finally realized I had to do something. So, I had decided to look into Proactiv. I know it’s expensive though so I was putting it off. Last week, I was grocery shopping at Woodman’s and walked through the skin care aisle to see if there might be something I haven’t tried that looks promising (considering I don’t normally shop there for health and beauty products). And there it was in bright orange packaging, a cleanser-toner-moisturizer set from AcneFree claiming to be “Better than Proactiv!” How can I pass that up? … and for $12.99, it was a steal. I don’t normally pick something up without some research but I was feeling desperate. I kid you not I put it on that night and noticed a difference in the morning. So, I have been using it morning and night for about a week. It’s definitely doing the job. It’s active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, in a time-released formula that seems to work 24 hours. Also good news is that it does seem to remove the dead skin cells prevalent with other drying formulations.

The downside is that while my skin feels, to the touch, soft and smooth, it seems to be sucking every bit of moisture from my face. It feels as though my face is literally going to crack if I so much as smile! (It also felt for a couple days like it was on fire but that sensation has died down.) I also noticed when I really looked at my face that it appears to be promoting the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. So, I would definitely recommend this for young skin, but not so sure for anyone over 30. I am going to keep using it (pros outweigh the cons for now) but less often or maybe pair it with a moisturizing anti-wrinkle eye cream (although in general don’t be fooled into buying a special cream just for the eyes, it’s not usually necessary), such as L’Oreal Eye Defense.


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