Smile. Even if it feels weird.

I had to go to the dentist today. I have been grumbling about this appointment for some time. I found out just before Thanksgiving that I was going to need a crown and possibly a root canal on one of my back molars. Ugh. And today was the day. (It’s a good thing you can’t tell how numb my mouth is as I type, you wouldn’t be able to understand a word!) I literally cried when I saw the work order and how much it was going to cost. We have insurance, but of course they don’t cover everything, just the basics. I did not want to do this. Grrr … It’s been a sore spot for a few weeks.

But, I knew it had to be done. So, I arranged for the kids and got them dropped off and was driving to my appointment this afternoon. I really was trying not to think about it and decided to pray, not even for the appointment, just to spend time in conversation with God on the way there. My prayer lately has been “How can I glorify you today, God?” So, as soon as the words came out of my mouth, I responded: By not grumbling about this dental work any more! So, I prayed instead: Thank you that we have the opportunity to have a dentist. Thank you, God, that we have insurance. Thank you that we do have the money so that it can be taken care of, even if we wanted to spend it on something else. Thank you it’s nothing worse/more expensive than it is. Thank you.

Alright, so it was still a miserable experience, but I realized that being upset about the money wasn’t helping anyone and it certainly wasn’t glorifying to God. And it was a little more pleasant being civil at the office without having to try so hard. Even when my face was numb and my tongue felt like a balloon in my mouth. It reminded me a bit of my dad, how he is able to take things in stride and even joke in situations that are less than ideal. I like being more like my dad, so it made me smile. Smiling is good. Even if it feels weird. :)


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