Singing praises!

I am so excited about the weekend I just had.

On Saturday, I had a much-anticipated scrapbooking-a-thon at one of my friends’ homes. Avery came with me, and from 1:30 until about 11pm, she hung out with me and my girlfriends. What a little lady! She worked busily on pasting her photos to pages. And when she had done all she’d wanted to for a while, she tried to take a break to watch a video but it turned out she’d left it at home. She was a good sport about it and sat and watched us for a while before picking up some markers and spending a little more time decorating some additional pages. Not only am I ecstatic that she was looking forward to this time together all week, but she was so well-behaved and seemed to really enjoy herself. For 10 hours. TEN. I gave her the option of going home after we ate supper (in the middle of when she said she was a little bored) but she wanted to stay! And I definitely enjoyed having her there. Even when she ran out of steam and sat on the couch for a bit waiting for me to finish (which only came once we all had run out of glue!) she didn’t whiny or get cranky. I was so proud of her! And it gets better …

Sunday was a wonderfully cool but sunny spring day, and I got my first run of the season in (also pulled my first weeds but that doesn’t belong in this happy post, blech). During which I discovered a new “stretch.” I was feeling so moved by the experience of being outside in this beautiful weather, running, with people out and about everywhere that I shot my hands in the air and shook my outstretched hands as if to say “Hallelujah!” I noticed that this it stretched out my lungs, eased a side-ache and shook out my tired hands and arms. And so, the hallelujah stretch is born. :)

I was planning on getting an early start on running this year, before the time change, but I have been sick for at least four weeks. Turns out I was not sick, however. I have asthma. Having developed allergies more recently, the combination has been especially bad in the spring and fall. Just another reminder that I am not meant to live in this world! Breathing about 60% of a normal person, I was not getting enough oxygen, and I was exhausted and experience headaches or dizziness much too frequently. Not to mention the wheezing and coughing. That it was asthma makes complete and total sense and I feel stupid for not realizing it sooner. In my defense, however, the doctors in the past have danced around this issue whereas the new doctor I saw on Friday said it straight. Now that I am on the right medication, I feel sooooooo much better. And I was able to get through my 3.6 mile run without wheezing when I got home. I was bummed when I initially found out. But, I am glad to have everything straightened out and to be feeling better. Hallelujah!

To make my Sunday even brighter, my daughter wanted to go running with me! So, when I got back from my regular run and after she had her nap, we hopped out on the trail together. We alternated running and walking for about a mile. She was just the cutest thing in her pink matching fleece sweatsuit, pig tails and Barbie sport sunglasses! And she did great! I let her walk just about anytime she asked but a few times I’d push her to the next milestone (sign or fallen tree or bridge that was just ahead). She was bouncing and skipping part of the time and more serious other times. We even worked through a side-ache she got toward the end. And she finished strong. Either way, it was a blast. It was a great time to connect and chat a little bit, too.

It just melts my heart that we had not one but two opportunities to connect this weekend in extended quality time with activities that I like to do, things that I hope we can continue to do together and share as she gets older! So thankful for this time God has given us. Amen!


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