Uh, happy belated

Yesterday marked the 3rd anniversary of my blog. I had every intention of posting something but I was in a bad mood, so it didn’t happen. I suppose that’s no excuse. But it happened. And so I’ll post today. Since once again I am uninspired to write something new, I’ll list just a few of my 442 entries to recap the past 3 years:

My first post: 10/10/2007
Where are you?

My favorites:
Stop pretending
Feeling like a saint?
Crushed and pressed
Smile. Even if it feels weird.
A new view of Revelation
Not here but there
Point to the truth
She speaks!
Interview with a child
Playing Catch Up
Who are you?
Tantrums about mittens and flip flops
Example of handling anger Biblically
Mommy uniform
Control Freak

Top posts statistically:
Ideas for Christmas letters
Edgy new ‘do
Spanking spoon
Birthday party: Hot Wheels
Birthday party: Cars
Chestertown buff
Craniosynostosis: My son’s story
Family Fun Friday: Make your own play oven

And the most common search terms that brought people to my site over the past year: Hot Wheels, Christmas letter ideas, Chestertown buff, hair bob and dry rot. Nice.


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