Our little architect is born

And you thought I was crazy. Matt and I have said for years that we thought Avery would make a good architect. I am not sure exactly why … but she has meticulous attention to detail, a love of drawing and is not so much a people person, so I could see her hiding out working on drawings in a back room for hours. She says she wants to be a “worker,” building playgrounds and houses and her favorite show right now is Extreme Makeover, “the show where they build a house.” Anyway, yesterday she took it upon herself to draw a map of the house and another of her room. I thought it was pretty cute, though not drawn to scale. ;)

The house:

Okay, there are some accuracy issues here in general but the upstairs is exactly right. And it was just adorable to watch her be so excited to use the map to walk from room to room “without having to know where I am going because I have the map!”

The room:

Without being familiar with her room, it’s hard to know what’s going on here, but there’s her bed with the circles on it representing her babies. The headboard at the top has different shapes representing the different items on it. Then there’s the bedside table with a calendar above hanging on the wall. Next to that, laying below the windows (with the decorative butterflies drawn above it) is Charlie’s bed. There are lines to her dresser and door from Avery’s bed and a line to the “couch” ottoman, which has clothes drawn on it (nobody said the room was clean) and Charlie’s dresser. In the middle of the room for some reason is the basket we keep the library books in.

Okay, maybe I am still crazy, but I thought the pictures were cute enough to share. ;)


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