Soccer star

Well, Avery’s soccer fall season is all over. No more games in the cold wind and rain! No more shouting and jumping at close calls and near misses. The final tally? 1 win and … a lot of losses. It can be a bit frustrating to be a competitive parent with a child who is … not so much. She had a blast though and there was definitely improvement over the season as she gets more aggressive about kicking the ball and being in position to receive the ball (instead of dancing around or chatting with her teammates who make her laugh, lol). Soccer is her “thing” now and is delighted to have not one but two trophies. It’s fun that she has an active sport to help her focus on teamwork and build her confidence.

Avery especially enjoyed playing goalie. My favorite moment of the season was the first time she played in goal. The game was 0-0 and it was the third quarter. She had one amazing save where she dove for the ball coming in from an angle toward one side. She was in the game and having fun! Then something similar happened and she reached for it but the ball was coming in too fast. It went right right through her hands. I was coaching that game so I ran over to tell her good job anyway, afraid that she’d be upset about being scored on and missing the catch. But as I got closer, she looked up at me, her face beaming, and shouted with pride: “I touched it, mom!” Whose daughter is this anyway? I am so proud of her!


2 thoughts on “Soccer star

  1. Sounds like a successful season! Congrats to you, Sara, for stepping up to coaching as well. Our Dad did it, you can too!! I have to ask… in this era of “everyone is a winner” they give out trophies for everything. What was the trophy for? (one win?) :)

  2. Cute blog, was fun to read about your season. I agree, Lora, this trophy thing (my Rebekah got one for softball) is a little wierd. I’m still debating in my mind about the philosophy, wondering how harmful it is to let the kids know that one team wins and one team loses. But, I am enjoying the emphasis on everyone playing equally. Enjoy your free time now that season is over.

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