Time to grow

You know when you clean out a closet or reorganize a room (which I should probably try to do some of this winter!), you have to make a bigger mess before things can get better? Life is like that, too. Just when I think things are cleaning up pretty good, God makes sure I see that He’s not done with me yet.

We are almost halfway through the book of Isaiah in BSF. It’s not been an easy study, it is the Old Testament after all. But the continuing theme is that God is calling His people to trust Him … and not in people or things of this earth. God is the only sure foundation. And faith in His promises, His truth, gives us hope. I’m trying to get my relationships organized and build God-honoring friendships. In the process, it seems that I am making a bigger mess. But I am trusting God with all the details. And I know that He will make all things right. His blessings show His tender love for me.

There is a word picture God uses in Isaiah of the vineyard (which I also reference here). The vineyard will be reclaimed, God’s people will be transformed. Someone described it to me this way: A farmer has to till and thresh the field, but care is taken to avoid destroying the seed. He also lets it rest so there is time to grow. God disciplines His children, and sometimes the threshing is severe, but it is not without purpose and the trials will not last forever. Soon, it will be time to grow.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1


One thought on “Time to grow

  1. Wow, you must be growing. I have to pause here with a grin since I have worked with young children in the past that sentance brings to mind tot songs long outdated:))
    It has been a long time since I’ve caught up with you, but thanks to facebook and new tech stuff (I’m so far behind) I found this site and was able to read this and once in a while see a post with your kids on it. (Talk about growing!) I’m so glad to read about your desire to be with in the boundaries God has for you. Your entry reminds me of where the bible mentions Jesus growing as a “tender shoot”. It’s such an endearing description knowing that before Jesus was born he was in heaven. He was (and is) the “word”
    …In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God…
    Compared to a freshly growing tender plant. I know they are very “tender” because after all the loving care of starting an indoor plant… a sunny 2 day forget to water misshap can kill it! Can you relate?
    I have been asking God how to communicate with him better. The most dramatic was he has answered this is to wake me at an early hour and leave me “listening”. Too tired, too early, or to cold to get up. He has said many things in these hours, but the most memorable was the dry erase board. I had a visual picture of a dry earase board with a list of things to do. My trials of late were causing me to cry all over it and the list started to blurr and erase. I wanted to stop and save the list but the trials have been too painful. When the tears finally slowed I could see that the entire agenda was unreadable….but wait…there was something under it, like the time I accidently used permanant marker and could not get it completely erased…I cleared the board to see it and in big letters I could see the name Jesus. Sideways, it took up the entire board. As I lay there speechless waiting, pondering, God said “Of all the things your trials will clear off of your agenda, Jesus will remain. When you have so many pressing things that you can’t see him or forget that he is the foundation of all your agendas, your tears will erase and reveal him.”
    God made me. He knows my experiences and how I learn. No one else could have comforted my heart and shown me what the trials were for in that short amount of time. Only God.
    Sometimes the only thing good in sight is Jesus. That’s ok, but with out him there is reason to pannic.

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