What’s your sign?

Apparently, with my birthday in early January (just turned 35 three days ago, believe it or not!), I am now a Sagittarius instead of a Capricorn. I don’t really care. For the record, I had to look up which I was originally because I kept forgetting if it was Cancer or Capricorn. However, I did find some of the descriptions I read simply out of curiosity and it may actually be a better fit. But then that might just be because I didn’t care for being a “sea-goat.”

Anyway, I know some people take the zodiac signs more seriously than others, but the whole switcharoo in the dates sure is wrecking havoc! “Who am I?” “Who do I date now?” my friends are writing on facebook. People are confused about now being able to pick which sign they are in some cases and some of my friends fear their whole identity is lost. Praise the Lord I am defined by Christ and not an astrological sign!

“You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God.” I Peter 2:9


One thought on “What’s your sign?

  1. Bless you, my little sister. The Bible specifically warns us about such things as fortune tellers, zodiac signs, etc.

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