… Here I come (someday)!

Well, it’s time to close the curtain on my reality tv debut … at least for this year. The time has come and gone when I should have/would have heard from the casting agency for Alt for Norge. And I haven’t. I’m not overly surprised. And, honestly, a little relieved. But I am disappointed. I’ve always wanted to visit Norway and the opportunity to do so has me yearning to see the land of my ancestors. Besides, it always is a blow to the ego to be rejected. How could they *not* pick me?

All hope is not lost though. The whole process was exciting, and I should have the opportunity to apply next year. Plus, having not been selected spurred me to seek out some family. I was able to connect on fb with a Norwegian cousin (my great grandfather was his great grandfather’s brother) who lives on a sheep farm by the Hardanger fjord. A fjord! I got an invitation to come visit anytime. I’m going to update my passport (been meaning to do that anyway, just in case) so I’m prepared in the event that we are able to make those plans within the next few years. Imagine me enjoying the breathtaking view of the fjord from my cousin’s logchairs, skiing from the top of a glacier in the summer and walking the hilly farm from which my family came. I. can’t. wait.


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