Ahhh … spring!

There is just something about spring! I just cannot deny that it feels so good to come out of the dead of winter with warm breezes, hope for fun summer plans and … deer on the trail! I saw two sets of 2-3 deer two times this morning (usually by the second pass, they are long gone). It was a great morning run and I am looking forward to hitting the trail more regularly—and to running with my friend who took the winter “off,” instead of going solo. I don’t blame her, I usually don’t run once it goes below 30 either.

But, this year I successfully survived my first “run through the winter” challenge. I ran 120 miles between November 1 (about when I usually quit) and February 28, averaging about one run per week. I missed a few weeks due to Bilzzaster 2011 and snot-freezing temperatures, of course. I did make up for some of that with a week in February—the only week I ran that month—when I did 4 runs in 4 days. There also were the 40 miles I ran the week I was in Arizona for Christmas. But still, that total is about 120 more miles than I usually cover in the winter! And I usually barely get started by March so I am way ahead this year. Bonus: I gained 3-5 pounds instead of 15-20. My weight goal was to stay under 135. Honestly, I did not think it was possible with Thanksgiving, Christmas, yummy winter comfort foods and … general hibernation. But I am breaking all kinds of rules these days so I am so excited to have made it to (nearly) spring with that goal in tact.

It helps that I continued to watch my diet. I haven’t changed much except to allow a few more indulges. Unfortunately, candy is still a problem. I recently started to allow myself some candy now and then. It was okay at first, but it quickly escalated to the point where I would eat half a large bag of peanut M&Ms in a day. It blew my mind. It just goes to show how messed up people are. I am so ecstatic to have reached my goal weight and I feel really great about myself, better than I have in a long time. I learned my lesson, right, I now see how important it is to be careful about unhealthy snacks. I finally have what I want … and it’s not *that.* Yet, I still find myself with my hand in the candy bowl.

So, I’ve got to be more intentional about having treats in moderation. For anyone who has quit soda cold turkey knows (and I don’t know anyone whose done this successfully for more than a few weeks), sugar is an addiction! Okay, maybe in their cases it’s the caffeine … and I suppose it could be for me as well since my primary vice is chocolate. Either way, the more I have, the more I crave. It was definitely harder not to go for those comfort foods in the winter, so it’s just another reason to sing the praises of spring!


One thought on “Ahhh … spring!

  1. I know exactly what you mean…it sounds very poetic..but I really do feel reborn when I know the spring is coming..I wouls really appreciate if you could read a piece I wrote called.I met the spring…you may enjoy it …lovely post…ELiza Keating

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