My 4 (and a 1/2!) year-old Charlie seems to have a gift of spiritual understanding, more so than Avery at his age anyway. He’s often saying “There’s God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit!” and “God is holy, holy, holy” and other Sunday school and BSF-isms at the appropriate times or just randomly, especially at the dinner table.

So … we were eating homemade pepperoni pizza for lunch after church when we were reviewing the kids’ Sunday school lessons. Charlie was telling us about the story he learned with pretty amazing recall (I am not biased at all), which was of the man who built his house on the sand and the other who built his on solid rock (“He was smart!”). My husband was explaining to Charlie about how Jesus is called the Solid Rock, that He can be our sure foundation, when Charlie chimed in and said, “Cornerpiece!”

Keeping in mind that Jesus as the Cornerstone is a recent theme of our adult couples Bible study, I was in awe that he would know that. My jaw dropped, and Matt and I looked at each with amazement. But I calmly replied, “That’s right, Jesus is also called the Cornerstone.” I was about to explain to reinforce his understanding, when I looked at Charlie and realized he had completely disconnected from our conversation. He was looking at his pizza and asking for a “corner piece.” We all busted out laughing.


3 thoughts on “Cornerpiece

  1. Sounds like our spiritual discussions with Mason. He will ask some deep question and in the middle of the explanation (which isn’t very long), he will suddenly say his animals miss him or that he needs to do something else. the fun randomness of a child’s brain! =)
    And hey…those cornerpieces are good!

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