Personalized scripture

My house has scripture cards all over. Mostly to remind me that God is trustworthy, in response to anxiety attacks and my fear of relying solely on God. I know that when I focus on who God is instead of my circumstances, trusting Him isn’t so scary. So, I hung reminders from God’s word. I put them by my front door, on the kitchen window, in my bathroom, on my mirror, in the hallway, on a lamp in my sitting room … Anywhere I could think of that I would see it. I slapped them up in a hurry so that I could start writing them on my heart with haste.

It was my desire to make “art” out of the scriptures. But I knew if I waited to make them perfect, they would never happen. So, I printed them off in a sans serif font on blank white computer paper. Obviously, the Words stand alone. But as far as creative outward expression go: BOR-ing!

Well, finally, I got around to creating something a little more interesting. I took one of the most meaningful verses to me right now, paired it with a textured background to match our dining room (silverado purple! Do you know how hard it is to find decent art that coordinates with purple?) and a close up photo of my daughter’s eye (taken by my friend Scott last spring):

It would look great on a canvas. But I choose a matte finish 8×10 photo in a frame for now, a cost of $1.49 instead of $30-45. :} Anyway, I am excited about it and hoping to make some more soon. Next up is a verse Matt requested, for our family room.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1


One thought on “Personalized scripture

  1. I love your idea of applying the Scriptures to your heart and home. I started doing this last year, but my efforts weren’t as nearly as beautiful (outwardly) as yours. The Word of God is always a blessing internally.

    The print is just amazing. This would make a great baby gift for someone, a great family gift. You are always an inspiration!

    And may the Word truly bless you with peace and faith!

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