In with the new

Sometimes I get emotional or excited about the craziest things, like the Michelin Man commercial or a new word game or a stash of chocolate covered peanuts. This time, it’s over a piece of furniture. We recently bought a new tv. A bigger-than-life flat screen, all black and sleek and modern and shiny. It’s a little obnoxious but we love it … But that’s not what I am talking about.

I was hesitant to replace our old bube-tube only because I knew the fancy new one wouldn’t fit in our entertainment center. I love our little entertainment center. A lot of thought and care went into selecting it, and I talked Matt into a higher quality cherry finish unit made of with sliding doors (to keep the tv out of sight when the kids were little). Besides, it provided endless jokes because it was “Hooker” brand. It was more expensive than we probably needed … But we wanted it to last. Oops. Now that entertainment centers have gone the way of record players and Beta max, I feared that not only would we have to get rid of it, but it would end up in the garbage. *cue sad music*

When the moment finally came, we tried to set up the tv on top of the unit and that just looked ridiculous, it was way too high. I was going to have to give in, it was going to have to go. So, my husband slid it out of the way and into the dining room. *crescendo dramatic music* I couldn’t believe my eyes! It fit where we had an antique dresser (which had sticky drawers that drove me crazy and that didn’t nearly fit the decor as well as the cabinet). I don’t know why I never thought to repurpose it. Well, actually I had. But I didn’t think there was space for it. It seems more imposing than the dresser but it actually fits in the same space just fine.

Not only that but my handy dandy hubby, with the help of his dad, was able to build shelves. He even went the extra mile and bought cherry finished shelves to match the unit. I had some leftover boxes from our ebay “business” which fit our movies and kids toys/crafts perfectly (I started to recover them with fabric but that was a bigger pain than I had anticipated. I’m beginning to think “priority mail” isn’t so bad). Now, we have much needed storage, and it looks so pretty, too. It is perfect! Praise the Lord for even the little blessings. And of course now I am thinking, much to my husband’s chagrin, what can we change next? ;)


2 thoughts on “In with the new

  1. Looks great!!

    The priority boxes cracked me up at first (hey, they are free, right?) Did you wrap the bottom ones with fabric or paper or ?? If you use light enough paper (like gift wrap) it isn’t too hard, but maybe not a professional finish…

  2. The two at the bottom are covered with fabric. I was trying to use scraps that didn’t quite cover 2 boxes, which is mostly what made it a pain. Well, that and the adhesive spray made everything I touched sticky for a couple hours.

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