10 thoughts on “Sara’s words

  1. Ok, you know me, so you won’t be surprised that my initial reaction was, ew, it’s a PINK butterfly. But, after reading the thought process behind it, I think it is a good design for you. Congrats!

  2. Great job, Sara!!
    Interesting, I was with Kerry at first reaction (with the pink), but have grown to love it (in the short time of two views since noon today :) I liked the 2 fonts for your name right away, and the contrast was apparent and understood.

    I wasn’t so sure I liked the bigger gaps between the butterfly wings, but now that they bring the cross to mind, I like them.
    [aside comment…don’t circles represent a perfection?]

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, friends! I really needed it yesterday.

    I know the pink is a bit … pink. But I wanted to keep the style of the blog, too. Besides, I look good in pink. ;)

    Lora, good point. God’s perfection is in me, but I am stuck in my flesh which is a bit rough around the edges, hence the raggedy circles. Okay, I just made that up, but it fits. :)

    Mindy, I sent you a message.


  4. I think it’s great, Sara! I LOVE the pink butterfly and all it represents. You are very talented and it’s great to see how God is using you and letting your beauty shine through! =)

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