Happy Birthday!

It’s my daughter’s 7th birthday tomorrow. And so as it always happens, we have a week-long celebration including a bowling party with four of her closest friends on Monday night (for which she requested chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and marshmallows–had to make *something* so I designed a flower on each one), a play date at the park with pretty much everyone we know and a day downtown as a family tomorrow.

If life weren’t crazy enough (we just had a week straight of visitors as well), I decided to make something completely new for the park play date and tried my hand at the increasingly popular cake pops. Without a fun party theme, I didn’t have any unique cupcake decorating ideas. Besides, I had about 40 people RSVP, which is a lot of cupcakes. One box of cake makes 40-45 cake pops so that seemed an efficient way to go.

They were fairly simple to make, although my perfectionist tendencies did make them a little more time-consuming. Most notably, it is the messiest thing I have ever done in my kitchen! I can’t find the exact recipe I used online but most of them get their instructions from Bakerella, so that’s where I’d start if you are interested in trying them out yourself, especially if you are talented enough to try some of the more unique designs. I kept it simple with icing and sprinkles. They are much smaller than cupcakes but a very sweet treat for parties. Though I am not sure I recommend them for parties outdoors in the heat since the candy can melt. I speak from experience.

Basically, make a cake, crumble it and add some frosting (I used 3/4 can), roll it into balls (I used a melon baller), dip lollipop sticks in the almond bark and insert into the balls. Dip the cake ball into the almond bark (some recipes use candy melts but the almond bark worked best and holds up better, if you are at say a park on a hot day), gently tap off excess, then decorate before it hardens. Keep it simple or go crazy. Either way, have fun! :)


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. hmmm, I wish you had a photo of the crumbled cake with frosting added. So it is pretty sticky and like a dough at that point? Is the frosting mixed in evenly? At the wedding (I forgot you were not there), it was balls of cake dipped in frosting, but I don’t think it was crumbled with frosting first… I don’t think this is something I would be very good at.

  2. The whole time I was making these things I kept saying to myself I should be taking pictures. Nah. I decided there were plenty already out there. Now, I can’t find the site I was using which had pictures for each step and no others seem as thorough. Sigh. It doesn’t seem like there’s frosting in the cake already. It’s just enough to make it sticky. These though have more of a candy coating rather than a real frosting, so maybe it was different …

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