Thinking about you.

Don’t you just love getting a message or note that lets you know someone was thinking of you? I just got an email this morning from a friend who is on a busy vacation. Nothing special other than it made me feel loved. It’s not like I don’t spend enough time thinking about myself that I really need anyone else doing it, lol. But it sure feels good to know someone is thinking about you once in a while. Can you even imagine how much God wants the same from us? He wants us to think about Him. Admittedly, I don’t enough.

One thing I learned in BSF was how to really worship God, especially when I’m just not in the “mood” or when all my prayer requests seem overwhelming. We started every prayer session worshiping God for who He is by simply naming His attributes, no fancy speech or wording required. I spent about 2.5 miles of my morning run doing exactly that, coming up with as many names or characteristics of God as I could:

You are my Father. My King. Creator. Perfect Provider. Prince of Peace. You are Love. The Word. Faithful and Trustworthy. The glue that holds the world together. My Friend.

And on and on … After spending the winter studying Isaiah, a book in which God is revealing Himself, there were a lot for me to recall. When I thought I had them all, I wracked my brain to come up with more. I meditated on songs (Healer!), scripture (Truth, Life, Way.) and Sunday school stories (Shepherd!) to get me thinking of the ones I missed. It was such a blessing. I had made a commitment to do this every day before prayer, but 2 minutes doesn’t compare to 20.

What a relief to take a break from thinking of myself to focus on God. A glimpse at the incomparable holiness of who God is helps me put life in godly perspective. Life just doesn’t seem nearly as discouraging when you aren’t focused on the problems in life but the solution instead. As I learned over the past year: focus on your troubles and they will seem big and God will seem small; focus on God and He will seem big and your troubles small. With a right view of God and who He is, I can have a right view of myself, others and my circumstances.

” ‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,’ declares the LORD.” Isaiah 55:8


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