Warrior dashers

Warrior DashWarriors Kristi, Sara, Katie and Matt

Crazy. Haven’t you ever just wanted to do something crazy, just for the sake of saying “I did that.”? Okay, maybe it’s just me. Anyway, last year my running buddy Susan and I ran in the Warrior Dash in Joliet. We were a little nervous but a lot excited to try something new and different. We were hoping to get a group to join us but everyone was full of excuses (okay, okay, so it did fall on Father’s Day)! However, that just made us even more determined. In the end, we had a blast! The run was hot and muddy and the obstacles a challenge but the satisfaction that came with the finish line made it all so worth it. After we survived and came back with pictures and stories, we were able to pique interest for this year’s event in Channahon (the location and obstacles vary).

So, yesterday, I was able to tackle the treacherous 3.28 obstacle-filled miles with a group of 7, including my husband, Matt! It’s definitely more fun with more runners, even though we were all of different abilities. Some of my friends were very thankful for some of the obstacles because they provided rest from the cardio, including Matt who is a superfast climber! I was really slowed down by most of obstacles (which were MUCH harder than last year, seriously!) but had no trouble with the running, even the monstrous hills, so that evened things out at least between the two of us.

There was lots of mud and water, walls to scale, fire poles to slide down, cargo nets and ropes galore, tires to jump, “stairs” to climb, cars to scramble over, muddy embankments to slip and slide up and down, a fire to leap over, and a two feet of mud to crawl underneath barbed wire. Oh, and when you are all done, get sprayed down with a fire hose! What’s not to like?!? Tip: Bring several junk towels and be prepared to leave your shoes and even some clothes on site. Please note that the picture above is *after* cleanup.

It’s definitely an event to remember. If you ever get the opportunity to run in something like this, get a group together and just go for it. Novice and expert runners are welcome! Your average 5k time is no indicator of how you will do, although the more your run beforehand, the better. The median time for the event is about 50 minutes. Of 8,200 finishers on Sunday, less than 20% were below 40 minutes. There also are lots of walkers who are there for the experience and some take up to 2 hours to finish.

Warrior Dash map

In the end, my husband and I crossed the finish line hand in hand in 36 minutes. It was INTENSE. I can’t wait to do it again next year!

Video taken by one of our crew before and after the run: Warriors on Youtube


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