Chocolate cake pops

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, coated with chocolate chips! It’s a chocolate lover’s dream. :) That’d be me. Of course, my son requested carrot cake so this doesn’t even come close to his dream. Sometimes that’s how life is. Charlie was so excited for his park play date, I don’t think he really cared.

Anyway, I wanted to try cake pops again for another big party at the park, this time without the high heat and humidity. To change it up, I went with chocolate this time around. We’re also having a Star Wars theme for his 5th birthday so I thought chocolate would come as close to deep space as I could get and I found metallic (okay, gray) sprinkles at the grocery store to fit the official birthday color scheme. This time, I’ll include photos on how I did it. You can find more directions just about anywhere, search for cake pops for more ideas. I believe Bakerella was the first, she’s got tons of ideas on her site. Not being a natural talent when it comes to baking, I kept them simple.
Make a cake, per directions on the box.

Crumble it (great job for the kids, can’t mess it up!).

Add some frosting (I used 1/2 cup for more than half of a cake).

Roll into balls (I squished two scoops of a melon baller together).

Dip lollipop sticks in the chocolate almond bark (or melted chocolate chips) and insert into the balls.

Dip/roll the cake ball into the melted (keep heating it up if needed) almond bark or chocolate chips (almond bark will withstand heat/humidity better). If you use chocolate chips, add 1 Tbsp of shortening to every 12oz of chips. You can gently tap off excess if you want a smooth coating, or this time I used a spatula to spread it a bit since the chocolate chips were thicker. Besides, I liked how it gave a more interesting finish.

Decorate and add sprinkles before it hardens.

Use styrofoam or floral foam to allow pops to set while upright. Refrigerate until serving.

Serve and enjoy (btw, that’s the girl Charlie proclaims he will marry since Jamisen is “unavailable”)!


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