All gwown up, part II

I know ya’ll are dying to know what I did with my time today. No kids! Time to myself! Can it really be? I decided I would go for a run (sorry to disappoint some of you). At least until the fall schedule picks up, I won’t have to get up early to go running because I’ll be able to take my time on the trail after both kids get on the bus. Today though, I got home, processed my grief (aka balled my eyes out) then putzed around for a while. Had to check facebook and be up to date on all the first day of school posts and pictures, as well as upload my own. And, of course, I updated my blog. By the time I got out the door and on the trail, it was nearly 9am! I wanted to run at least an hour, then decided not to let myself off the hook, so I also went up Huntington Hill. By the time I got home, it was almost 10:15. I had to hurry to shower and get ready to pick up Charlie and go out for our special lunch. Phew! Mornings are gonna fly.

I was in a rush, but I had an extra bounce in my step. Can’t wait to pick up my boy from the bus! I just hugged and hugged and hugged him. Felt so good. The first thing he said? “I made a new friend today.” Ha. I am not surprised. Even more not surprising, it was a girl. He didn’t tell me her name at first, just shrugged, so I told him to find out tomorrow. Then he told me anyway :)

I pictured us at our special after-school lunch at McDonald’s, talking about his first day. But Charlie had a different plan. He decided he would rather play a computer game than eat there! So, I compromised and said he could get his food and eat it at home (since the game was taking so long to install anyway). I’m still dumbfounded that he didn’t want to play there. But we enjoyed our lunch together at home.

He told me his favorite part of the day was: “Doing stuff.” I laughed and asked follow up questions, while he reached into his bag and pulled out a booklet based on “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?” The kids had to color animals on each page the right color, then draw their teacher on the last page. I praised him for listening to directions so well! He was looking pretty proud.

After getting frustrated with his game (I knew he would), he’s so bored and desperate for Avery to come home. “Where is Avery?” Charlie asks. “Is she walking home?” And “I want Avery to come now.” It’s gonna be a long two hours! I haven’t even told him the best part: we’re going for ice cream when she finally gets here! In the meantime, it’s time for some chocolate milk and homework …

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2 thoughts on “All gwown up, part II

  1. When they are only in school a half a day, the time goes by super fast. It’s hard to know what to start because you might have to stop in the middle of the project. You are amazing to be running during that time. Good for you!

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