All gwown up

My son started Kindergarten today. He waved enthusiastically from the bus window, while I snapped his picture. Didn’t get the picture I wanted though (*boo-hoo!*), he was in the shade. But I can still see his huge grin as the bus drove away. My baby. In school. The house is too quiet. Weird how I cherish the silence if I get a few minutes while they are sleeping in the morning and now it’s just eerie and lonely. 1st day of school has got to be the hardest days in the life of a stay at home mom.

Charlie was so excited to start school and to ride the bus, just like his big sister. He’s wanted to get on that bus since her first day, two years ago! I hope the enthusiasm stays with him, as it has with Avery. Socially, I know he’s going to do well. He already pointed out when we went in to meet the teacher and see his classroom that “These are going to all be my friends! I don’t know their names yet, but they will be my friends.”

And academically, he’ll be fine. It’s his competitive, perfectionist nature that concerns me. Charlie does not like to try things that are “new” or “hard” … he’s afraid of failure or really, simply not being the best. We tried to prepare him this summer for the fact that Kindergarten is one new challenge after another! We’ve focused on trying, just giving it your best. Through that, in a few short days the last few weeks of summer break, he learned to hula hoop and ride his two-wheel bike. Both he picked up quickly, after we overcame his fear of not being able to do it. Writing letters and numbers and sitting still, while avoiding distractions will be the real challenge. He loves to laugh and to make people laugh!

To really drive home that my baby is growing up, we also have been working on his speech. He’s continued some bad habits with his “l” and “r” sounds that we just never corrected him on (he is just baby, you know. Oh, wait he’s almost FIVE? Hm.) Every time he says “Avery, look!” now instead of “Avwy, wook!” it breaks my heart just a “wittle.” He’s not getting it exactly right every time, but he’s heading in the right direction. And that makes me both sad and happy.

It doesn’t seem possible that he could be in school already. He’s my BABY!

Oh, and as a sidenote, my daughter must really be growing up … she let me curl her hair before school (she starts 2nd grade) today!

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2 thoughts on “All gwown up

  1. I still remember how hard it was for my first one to go to kindergarten. She just never seemed old enough…

    Every milestone for a kid is also a milestone for the Mom. May the Lord give you direction in how to use your time for Him.

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